Maryam Jamshidi

Composer Helps Refugee Children Through Music

May 21, 2014

Malek Jandali has been on tour traveling Europe. But what makes him stand out, aside from him being an award-winning composer, is that his tour centers around fundraising for Syrian children in refugee camps.

He said in a Your Middle East article that visiting some of the refugee camps in 2012 was a “a historic trip for me … to enter my homeland and touch the hands of these innocent children, these victims of a brutal and vicious war, and teach them how to play music.” He then made it his mission to collect donations for the children of these camps through his music and his tours.

But while raising money for the camps, Jandali has faced some difficult opposition, namely, Assad’s regime. While in Washington, he performed a song called “Wantani Ana,” or “I am my Homeland” in English. When Assad’s regime found out about the song and its meaning, they found Jandali’s family in Homs and attacked them.

Jandali draws inspiration for his songs from the culture of his home country of Syria. As a prominent artist, his influence and efforts to help Syrian children are widespread.

To read more about Malek Jandali and what he is doing to help Syrian refugee children, click here.

Written by Sonja Trierweiler, social media specialist and blogger on the Middle East.