Maryam Jamshidi

Social Media Banned in Iraq

June 18, 2014

Iraq recently joined a slew of other countries in banning citizens’ access to social media within the state’s borders.

Throughout the world, and in the Middle East especially, social media is an integral news and organizing tool. It has recently surfaced as the most-used source for news in the region, and it is no secret the mobilizing power this popular platform played throughout the Arab Spring.

Website Digital Trends explains:

Recently, ISIS has overrun the cities of Mosul, Falluja, and Ramadi in an effort to make its way to Baghdad. While it isn’t surprising for ISIS to turn to social media, prime minister Nouri al-Maliki presumably blocked the services in order to disrupt the militants’ movement and planning.

People in Iraq now face poor, if any, access to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, a problem that is highly concerning for those in the country.

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Written by Sonja Trierweiler, social media specialist and blogger on the Middle East.