Maryam Jamshidi

Social Media is Primary News Source in Arab World

May 23, 2014

In the past few years, social media use in the Arab world has skyrocketed; so much so, that people now turn to it as their primary source for news. In the recently released Arab Social Media Outlook 2014 report, 30% of those surveyed with access to Internet use social media as their go-to news source.

Many people see it as the most legitimate source of news because it is unbiased. In an interview with Al Arabiya, a member of Social Media Club UAE explained: “The Arab Spring also contributed to this, where the young generation started searching for an honest source of news and information, away from conventional media.”

Social media may not be a good tool for education given the worldwide lack of online Arabic content. However, many agree that learning about how to use it effectively is important. Programs, like those offered by Social Media Club UAE, teach social media etiquette and literacy.

To read more about this recently released report on Al Arabiya, click here.

Written by Sonja Trierweiler, social media specialist and blogger on the Middle East.