Maryam Jamshidi

Unique Egyptian Job Search Site Fights Unemployment

May 28, 2014

Unemployment in the Middle East has risen dramatically with the growing youth population, and regional instability causing company closures and fewer government jobs. But the Arab world has been known to creatively solve some of its sizable setbacks, with one innovative man from Egypt finding a profitable way to combat unemployment.

Karim Al-Halwani founded job search engine Cantalop, writes Wamda. Still in beta, Cantalop uses an algorithm to compile available jobs posted on companies’ websites. This way, Cantalop avoids including multiples of the same job that is posted on several job sites.

While Al-Halwani is currently funding this venture himself, he hopes to make profit by incentivizing companies to feature their open job positions on Cantalop. He said“My next step would be to expand in marketing, get investments, and then expand regionally. I strongly believe in getting one’s affairs in order [before taking the next step].”

Users can sign up through their LinkedIn profiles, and the program targets those with higher education levels and advanced degrees–those who more tend to have a difficult time finding employment that meet their qualifications.

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Written by Sonja Trierweiler, social media specialist and blogger on the Middle East.