Maryam Jamshidi

Venture Capital Investment Gains Momentum in Middle East

May 9, 2014

It has never been a more attractive time for aspiring entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa.

Companies from around the world are putting their money in the region with hopes that the booming startup scene can churn their investment into profit, writes Tehran-based news site Mideast Times. Investors’ interests are piqued by major companies like Wamda, i360, and Oasis 500 who show a promising appeal.

As the venture capital industry gains momentum and works itself out into a more stable practice, investors have become increasingly confident in gambling higher sums of money in the Middle East and North Africa. Only several years ago, a few million dollars was invested in venture capital funds for the region. But today, this number finds itself in the tens of millions.

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Written by Sonja Trierweiler, social media specialist and blogger on the Middle East.